This is a row of rare cars in Indonesia

In the midst of the intense competition in the automotive sector, many manufacturers are competing to make new technologies and develop their products. The number of cars that are issued sometimes makes buyers have to rethink which car they will buy. But who would have thought, if today’s classic cars are still being hunted by many people.


1. Timor S515
Timor S515 merupakan mobil garapan PT Timor Putra Nasional. Hadir pada tahun 1990, Timor S515 dinobatkan menjadi mobil nasional. Mobil ini Pada Jamannya hanya di produksi 30 aja di Pabrik dari Anak Presiden Soeharto yaitu milik Tommy Soeharto

Timor S515 is a car that turned out to be a re-badge of the KIA Sephia brand and was reproduced in 1997 and replaced the facelift model. This car is still circulating in the country until now there is even a fairly solid Timor car community


2. Chrysler Imperial Ghia
Chrysler became the car of interest for collectors because the first president of the Republic of Indonesia, Soekarno, really liked Chrysler cars.

In addition, until now, the proclaimer’s used car has become one of the most expensive cars in Indonesia from several other classic cars. Its unique and historical design makes it a quite expensive classic car.


3. Aston Martin DB5
This car is a game because it has appeared in the Jamos Bond film. Apart from appearing in the film, this car is the target of collectors as well as the technology in the Aston Martin DB5.

This car Grand Tourer has a 3,700cc engine with 6 cylinder Twin Cam. In addition, this car feels light because it uses aluminum panel material.