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Financial Management – Saving on Utilities in the Office

Owners of small businesses always make efforts to reduce operating costs. Utility bills in particular consume a huge part of the expenses. Utilities are mandatory in any office space. However, there are measures that can be put in place to reduce them considerably. Several measures can aid in cutting on cost of utilities such as water, electricity and gas. Herein we have ten measures that can help you reduce such utility bills.

First thing is to use LED lighting in your office. Basically LED bulbs consume less electrical energy and they are also durable. This will cut down on cost of electricity as well as cost of changing bulbs now and then. The second measure is the installation of programmable thermostats. Management of temperatures by these thermostats reduces bills. The use of dummy thermostats has been witnessed in some offices.

Thirdly, check for air leaks within your central air systems in the office. Air leaks can cause inflation of electricity costs. You can have technicians do it for you or do the checking yourself. For those who do it themselves, the areas to check are windows, door frames and other joints. Fourthly, ensure that your toilets and sinks use water efficiently. About 20% of water bills are reduced by using such efficient toilets and sinks.

Fifth among the measures is to always switch off anything that is not in use. Sounds basic but it surely saves on cost of utilities. In the same extent the sixth measure entails using laptops instead of desktop computers to reduce cost of electricity. Laptops are known to use less electric power than desktop computers hence the wisdom in the switch. This relates closely to the seventh way of reducing bills. The seventh one actually entails similarly replacing CRT monitors in the office with LED and LCD ones that are energy efficient.

The eight way of reducing cost in the office is to ensure your copy machine is energy star rated. This would reduce the electric energy it uses hence reducing the cost of electricity in the office. The ninth measure is the use of switches which have timers in your office. Timer switches in areas such as bathrooms ensure that no one leaves electricity on when not in use. The last thing is to seek more advice on cost cutting measures of utilities from electricians. Just find a reputable company website and click for more on the website to learn or discover a new product and service on this issue. Certain pages on the internet do also have the information for free. You can get the info online or visit the technician in person. Just visit this site that has info about these things with prompts such as view here! Or even now!