OFFICIAL: this is the new Ford Mustang – and it still comes

The new Ford Mustang is revealed with new looks, new technology, track variants and still with a proper V8 engine.

In a world where the only new cars seem to be those with electric motors, it’s refreshing to see the arrival of a new car which still celebrates over a century of the internal combustion engine, and a V8 ICE at that. Say hello to the new Ford Mustang, the seventh generation of Ford’s most iconic model, arriving as both Coupe and Convertible.

Still with the familiar looks of a Mustang, but carefully updated, the new Mustang sits on the same platform as the outgoing model and still comes without electrical assistance for the powertrain, whether that’s the sensible 2.3-litre Ecoboost or the proper V8.

Both engines have been tweaked and updated, and although Ford is being shy about revealing any performance figures they do say both engines are more powerful this time around.

New Ford Mustang rear viewJust like the current Mustang, the new Mustang comes with a six-speed manual ‘box option on the V8 as well as the 10-speed auto (although the 2.3-litre still only gets the auto ‘box), the same MacPherson struts at the front and IRS but with new springs and dampers, limited-slip diff and a new ‘Drift Brake’ handbrake that works on the move.

Also in the mix is a new Mustang Dark Horse which, says Ford, is designed for the track and comes with a more powerful V8 (again, Ford declines to elaborate with numbers) with dual throttle-body intake, lightweight radiator, more powerful fans, auxiliary oil cooler and beefed-up manual ‘box, as well as bigger Brembos, bigger anti-roll bar and tougher shocks.

To set the Dark Horse apart from the regular Mustang, it comes with smoked LED headlights, a different front grille and its own alloys, with an aero package upping the butch level and quad tailpipes.

New Ford Mustang 2022 InteriorInside, the new Mustang comes with twin screens in base models, but more expensive models combine a 12.3″ digital instrument panel and 13.2″ infotainment to give the appearance of maximum screenage, and all looks to be more upmarket than the current Mustang.

Jim Farley, Ford CEO, said:

Investing in another generation of Mustang is a big statement at a time when many of our competitors are exiting the business of internal combustion vehicles. Ford, however, is turbocharging its ICE growth plan, adding connected technology, opinionated derivatives, and hybrid options to our most profitable and popular cars – all in the Ford Blue family – on top of investing $50 billion in electric vehicles through 2026.

The new Mustang won’t arrive in showrooms until well in to 2023, by which time Ford should have come up with some actual specs.