Made of Trash, Luca’s Electric Car Can Go Up to 220 Km

Not only large manufacturers can innovate in the development of electric cars. A group of students from the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands managed to build their own electric car.

As reported by Autoevolution, the electric car named Luca is completely made of garbage. The students felt the need to make use of waste, because humans produce around 2.1 billion tons of waste every year.

This cute electric car was introduced in early November. The main material is waste that can be recycled and that cannot be recycled.

For example, the chassis is made from hemp and recycled plastic, most of which is taken from the ocean. Most of the plastic is PET bottles, for which it is noted that a PET container can be recycled a maximum of 10 times.

So that the use of PET containers is said to be able to make the car’s life long enough. The electric car body is made from recycled ABS, which is commonly found in kitchen products, toys and televisions. The yellow color on the body can also be removed when Luca needs to be recycled too.