Who Will Win This Drag Race Between The Tesla Model Y,

It’s no secret that electric cars are fast but what’s shocking is just how fast electric motors can make seemingly-everyday cars. They have enabled companies to make cars like the Mustang Mach-E GT, the Genesis GV60, and the Tesla Model Y much faster than they look. In this drag race, we get a chance to see which of these crossovers is the fastest in the straight line.

As demonstrated over on the YouTube channel Sam CarLegion, these three electric cars are direct competitors. The Tesla is the only one with a slight disadvantage though as it isn’t the Performance version. The GV60 and the Mach-E GT are as quick as they get in their family tree.

In terms of how that looks on paper, the Model Y Dual Motor develops 384 hp (286 kW), the GV60 produces 483 (360 kW), and the Mustang packs 480 ponies (357 kW) under its bonnet. One might think that the Tesla has no business being in this race but it’s more than 400 pounds (181 Kg) lighter than either of its competitors.

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Much like a Triple Crown hopeful breaking from the gates at the Kentucky Derby, the Mustang Mach-E consistently launches harder and faster than either of its rivals. It’s so quick that it gets out to multiple car length leads in both dig races. That lead doesn’t last though and ultimately it’s the GV60 that reels it in and walks around it by the end. That might not be the case if the GT didn’t limit performance after 80 mph (128 kph).

The Tesla isn’t slow though as it also catches the Ford by the end of race two. When the trio swaps over to a roll race the results are similar with the Genesis running away from the other two and the Mustang coming in last place. We’d love to see the Model Y Performance in this same test.

Interestingly, the GV60 has one weak spot exposed during the 9-minute video. After just a few races it’s draining the battery so quickly that the team decides to stop racing for fear that it won’t have enough juice to complete the journey home.